Wall squat 10.10.15

Aedh has always said the only way to successfully do this is open the hips.  It combines strength and flexibility with feet together requiring far more strength, and feet wide apart requiring more flexibility in the hips.  He compromised at 1 1/2 shoulder width. I’ve been doing 1 shoulder width cause of my CMC training, but I think I will follow him, figuring easier is better for now.  He also said an inch from the wall is a lot easier (I didn’t think it would make that much difference) so I’ll start trying that.  Finally he said just deep squatting with parallel feet and then putting elbows between the knees and stretching it out works in the right direction.  Not part of my minimum practice but something to start ASAP.  (Not today!)

But inch out and 1 1/2 width can be part of my minimum. Today!

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