Tai chi/Alexander Technique Mobile 3.20.15, “I suggest you do less.”

10 min tai chi, 11 min AT this  morning. I have a student whose knees are shot and has sciatica.  And he has decided after three lessons that he can’t do this.  I suggested that he shouldn’t do it, that he listen to his body.  And that if he did the preparation and opening for 4 months and it was going well, to contact me. He insisted he needed to do more, after all, he is in a hurry, cause he thinks he is old.  So I agreed I will send him the footing diagrams for ward off left as well.

But this reminds me of when I was first convinced to do AT constructive rest, after a mere 22 years of lessons.  It was the scars on the wrists of a mechanic from carpal tunnel surgery, and his comment when he heard of my symptoms, “Well, now’s the time!”  So I started laying down!  When I told my teacher of the video I took of my head/neck showing me pulling down when I said my directions, his comment was, “I suggest you do less.”

One of my teachers says he stood in preparation for an hour a day for the first year because he was so weak he couldn’t walk across the room.  The Professor reportedly got frustrated because it took him 10 months to get to preparation with his first teacher and quit, until the TB came back!

It could be, that with those of us who have severe problems (I have a really bad curvature of the spine), slow is the way to go!

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