Tai Chi

Tai Chi Ch’uan has existed since ancient times as a health exercise. It is a series of quiet,supple movements. The quiet to cultivate the spirit; the supple to cultivate the body. A gentle exercise performed in a calm and peaceful manner, it is suitable for young and old alike.

Al teaches the 37 posture, Yang style, tai chi form developed by Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing. This form takes 5 to 7 minutes to perform and can be done just about anyplace in nearly any environment.

He started practicing the form in 1977 with his first Alexander Technique teacher, Virginia Wagner, and rapidly fell in love with the form and the teaching of her instructors, Abraham Liu and Benjamin (Ben) Pang Jeng Lo. He started teaching the form in 1980, and has studied various other forms of tai chi since then. He prefers to stick with the Professor’s form and participates in an annual workshop with Ben Lo.

The class concentrates on learning and perfecting the form. We do this by starting with the first moves and slowly building a “string of pearls,” one posture at a time. Because this is a casual class with people at different levels coming when they have time and the desire, we “flow” the entire form and then do form correction with verbal and hands on instruction. In this way everybody is exposed to the whole form and gets to practice individual parts.

Tai chi is slow moving and graceful, and because of its appearance people assume it is effortless. In fact, it is arduous exercise and students should be reasonably fit to participate in the class.

Private instruction is also available in the form and the martial arts practice of Tai Chi.


On the web:

This a video of the Professor doing the whole form  www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsDPy7zMrA4.

This is my current teacher who is working with my on the martial arts applications.http://wudangnola.com/


Tai-Chi the “Supreme Ultimate” Exercise for Health Sport and Self-Defense, by Cheng Man-ch’ing and Robert Smith.