Tai chi New Orleans, 2.3.15, Push hands

20150203_081548Every Tuesday, at 8 AM in Washington Square Park in New Orleans, Aedh convenes a class to spread the Wudang taiji teachings.  This morning the class included push hands in relation to the form, so I got to participate with the class.  Normally, I and another student practice the CMC sword a little before class and then I rock walk for 45 min or an hour till my lesson begins.  I go to push hands with Aedh, who has 30 years martial arts training, and 10 years of CMC experience.

8 students for the 42 degree start of day.

I got 25 min of tai chi in this morning in my home practice.  I was short on both time and attention.  It is a 2 hr drive to New Orleans, and it was well worth it!  I also had a great Alexander Technique lesson afterwards!


Tai chi New Orleans, 2.3.15, Push hands — 2 Comments

  1. Are there currently a Chen Man Ching tai chi class being taught in the New Orleans area? I am interested in training the form, push hands and sword.

    • John,
      No form classes but Aedh trained with David Blake, one of the Professor’s NY students, for a number of years before he headed off to China. He now teaches a Wudang form, but also does push hands, which is why I work with him. He’s got a couple of students who practice sword in the park after class but I am not sure if it is CMC or Wudang.

      He teaches at Washington Square in the park at 8 AM M-Sat. I am there every Friday and join the class after they do their warm ups and have a private lesson afterwards.

      Sorry this took so long getting back to you, I check the site every day but had not noticed your message.


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