Tai chi Mobile 3.3.15 Rock steady mindlessness

47 min of tai chi and 12 of Alexander Technique this morning. Very pleasant, put the rock on my head when I started my standing and it stayed there without a drop or even an adjustment for 32 minutes!

Of course part of the reason for that was it was a mindless practice with me on autopilot while I was thinking of all the things I needed to do to set up my AT teaching practice in New Orleans, which may happen next week or the week thereafter!

So, if it was a good, long, and pleasant session.  What’s wrong with that?  The only measurable thing I do is the wall squat, and I was 5 inches high on that from normal.  Not a good exercise period, just a pretty, fun waving the arms in the air dance routine.  Not my idea of tai chi!

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