Tai chi Mobile 3.2.15, Wall squat

45 min tai chi an 15 min Alexander Technique this morning.

Yesterday I marked where my nose is at on the wall as I do my  squat, and I’m 2  inches closer to a full squat.  If I keep going at this rate it’ll take 2 more years to get to the full squat.  But that sounds reasonable if it took Aedh a full year.

The goal is to stand toe to the wall and do a full squat without touching the wall.  Aedh can do it, so I know it is possible.  The point is to be able to open up the hips in a way that is necessary in push hands.  Aedh said the Dave explained that it was all the rage among the Taiwanese students in New York when he was with the Professor.

If you do it with the feet together Aedh says it takes more strength, and if you have a real wide stance you have to open up your hips a lot more.  I am doing in shoulder width apart.

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