Tai chi Mobile 3.15.15, 4 feet square

47 min of tai chi and 13 min of AT.  A good, mindful practice morning.

I mentioned jailhouse tai chi yesterday.  I don’t know how many teachers in different forms know it, but it seems to me it can be done in any form that I have been exposed to.  I’ll have to ask Aedh, he knows a lot more about different forms.

Jailhouse tai chi is typically said to need a four foot square for the whole form, a 4 ft by 4 ft area, and I can do that.  Ben Lo in 1978 was demonstrating some of it on the top of a picnic table at the La Honda retreat, and I commented that this was NOT 4 ft across!  One of his students said, “Ben could do it in a telephone booth.”

It is done with small steps and lots of back peddling and stepping in place.  Not too hard a concept to understand, more difficult to put into practice!  It sure does help to be able to see it done and have some instruction!

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