Tai chi Mobile 3.14.15 Why blog?

Happy pi day!

20 min tai chi, 7 min AT this morning.  Did the form, the rock walk, wall squat and da lu. Getting closer to actually getting tongue on roof of the mouth some of the time.

Yesterday was the first day in a long time I did not write.  I did do 46 min of tai chi, but not write on it cause I’m getting really busy.  Which leads to a question of “why blog” in the first place, if I’m short on time?

This blog is intended for students, or prospective students, and the point of it is to share information as I learn, and to show that it is possible to do tai chi every day, no matter what.  Minimum practice is vitally important to learning the form, keeping it, and getting the health benefits out of it. I write about my practice, and sometimes my life, because I want you know that it is possible to practice any time, just about anyplace.  It takes a 4 ft square space to do the whole form of “jailhouse tai chi,” and standing room to do a couple of lift hands. If you don’t have 2 min to do the  first third of the form and quiet your mind, you might want to look at the possibility that you are just too busy!

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