Tai chi Mobile, 2.9.15, Warning sign

I got 48 min tai chi and 9 of AT this morning.  I’m a little short of time so it is a pleasant surprise I got my max practice, and it was pleasant and with fairly good attention, considering.

I say considering cause my tongue feels like freshly ground hamburger, I salivate a lot with tongue in the right place, and my left heel hurts quite a bit in one spot around the outside.  I have considered heading to a doctor, but it comes down to the fact that I am pretty well scheduled up all day.  If either of these things get much worse, I will attend to them, but in the meantime I have a life to live.

The worst advice I ever took was when my back was collapsing, to walk half the time I was walking if it hurt.  I was walking two hours a day at the time, and by the time I got thru I could not walk ten minutes without it hurting!

I believe pain is a warning sign, not a stop sign.  I need to pay attention to it and evaluate what’s going on.  People who ignore knee pain in tai chi tend to not do so well. They need to look at what they are doing and do something different.  People who accept the burning that comes from the “tempering of the thighs” tend to do very well. (“No burn, no earn.” as one of my teachers has been quoted as saying.)

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