Tai chi Mobile, 2.6.15, “Right is relative”

I got 48 min tai chi and 8 of Alexander Technique in this morning, basically my maximum practice at this point for the TC although as I re-learn the sword, 3 repetitions will add to that time.  Actually it takes longer than the stated time cause I need to get dressed to go outside for the sword–it’s currently in the low 30s this time of morning!

And I continue to struggle with circle hands, which brings me back to the Aedh quote in the title line.  I was learning the first section of the da lu (I’ve yet to get to the second) when I came back and said, “I don’t think I’ve got it right.”  He, of course, replied with the “right is relative” quote, and I went home and continued to practice it.  After while longer, I was able to articulate, “I think I’m missing a step.”

He repeated, as he had many times before, three steps forward, two steps back and a pivot,  because you can’t go as fast backwards as you can forward, and helped me add the step.  So my plan with the circle hands is to follow  Ben Lo’s advice, and “practice” until the question becomes clear.  Seems to me once you have the question, you are 90% on your way to the answer.

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