Tai chi, Mobile, 2.4.15 Cloud hands

47 minutes of tai chi and 13 of Alexander Technique this morning.  Plenty of time since I misread the clock and got up way early!

I saw Aedh teaching a cloud hands exercise to the class, and in my lesson said “that’s just the circle hands exercise.”  He agreed, worked with me in very great detail on the turning of the wrists, the waist and the weighting and its application to push hands.  He was also teaching the class the martial arts application of raise hands, in the Beginning, which he’s worked with me on before. I did 10 min of the cloud hands this morning instead of 5 min each side.  I’m sure it’s not what I was shown, but I think I’ll keep working on this version.

The circle hands is what he says made his carpal tunnel syndrome go away.  I asked if it worked quickly and he said no, it took six months of a half hour a day.  I told him that was quick for an RSI!  It took me 40 weekly Alexander Technique lessons to get where I could brush my teeth without my hand going numb!  My interest in this procedure is that it helps keep the residual RSI twinges at bay, which remained despite my attention to my use of myself.

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