Tai chi Mobile 2.28.15 Balance

48 min tai chi, 7 min AT this morning.  Enough, but distracted by mind wandering.  Which is I believe covered by Ben Lo’s injunction, “Practice!”

According to Consumer Reports, Western research shows tai chi improves muscle strength, bone strength and balance.  When I quote that I always add, Chinese medicine thinks much more highly of it.

I was asked a very good question by a student about why he was off balance as he stepped.  We were able to trace it to a common mistake–taking too big a step.  You should let your leg fall out to its full length, and then do nothing for a very short period.  Since all your weight is on the other foot you should be able to pull it back at this point. It is very common for us to have poorer balance as we age, but using this technique we can keep control of our bodies.


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