Tai chi Mobile 2.18.15, First ten minutes

48 min tai chi and 11 AT.  Still not sure where the tongue goes, but both practices were with good attention.

One of my teachers says he was told everything he needed to know in the first ten minutes of his first lesson. “Relax, do the form, don’t worry about it.”

He was in his early 20’s, manning a coffee shop in a rough part of town, when late at night he heard an old man expounding on tai chi to a table of young admirers.  He  got angry, told the guy to leave or show his stuff cause this nonsense was going to kill those kids on the streets.

The little old man put his arm out to push, and my teacher, not knowing the protocol, just took a full scale swing at him. He ended up half way up the wall, and after getting off the floor, he tried it again.  Same results.  He was furious, said it was a trick and challenged him to meet him front of the laundromat the next day.  Same results.  For six months, same results.

Finally, he asked the old man to teach him and was told, “Relax, do the form, don’t worry about it,” and they got to push hands in front of the laundromat for 5 hrs a day for the next six years.

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