Tai chi Mobile 2.15.15, rock walk

Got 48 min tai chi and 11 Alexander technique this morning.  A good start for the day.

I do about 30 of these minutes with a rock on top of my head.  I have done the form that way but didn’t get into it.  This all comes from the Wudang rock walk.

Cheng Man-Ching said the form was sufficient in itself for health, with no additional exercises or warm ups.  Many of the other schools of tai chi have a variation of the tai chi walk.  The Wudang version is a little different in the hand position and the rock on the head.

The hand position for men is right thumb to the base of the left ring finger, the left hand fingers covering the right fingers with the right thumb to touching the tip of the right middle finger. For women it is reversed with the right thumb to the left ring finger, with the variation based on the theory of yin and yang.  The final appearance as viewed from above is an approximation of the yin/yang, “tai chi” symbol and I am told is the Taoist hand position for bowing.  Aedh says the Taoist are surprised and giggle when they see a Westerner do it.

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