Tai chi Mobile 2.13.15, A rocky morning

30 min tai chi, no sword, no cloud hands.  10 min AT.

I dropped the rock 5 times just standing in preparation, and maybe 3 times in rock walking.  Quite a day!  On a good day it is anchored in place!

It’s like the old walking with a book balanced on the head, only the Wudang version.  Aedh said it was the first thing introduced to the tourists and you could hear the clack, clack, clack on the stones as they lost it again and again.  He said the ongoing students practiced it a couple hours a day.

My Southern California teacher, who is a senior student of Lenzie Williams, and a staunch “stick to the CMC protocol” person said when she heard of it, “For you, it would be a good idea.”  I tend to look down a lot!  She was not enthusiastic about any of the other Wudang ideas.

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