Tai chi Mobile 2.12.15 Round 2

Just got back from the Senior Center and we flowed the form thru 3 times, worked on the transition into fair lady, and then I called the whole form, right foot, left foot.  Good class, very pleasant and for the most part people keeping together and looking good.  Experience level varies from 6 years, from the beginning with me, to a couple of weeks.  And it works really well.  We had 7 students.

One of my students who was new to the second and third section of the form (she took the class at South) is 85.  Her balance is much better than it was, which was her doctor’s hope for her when he suggested tai chi.  And despite better balance I got to explain to her and the class about adjusting the form to your capabilities and safety.  I suggested she NOT do the turns, and gave her strategies on how to pick back up after we do them.  It worked well, and I think everybody gets something out of such discussions.  I had a great time.  Feeling much better than this morning!

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