Tai chi Mobile, 2.11.15 push hands

46 min tai chi and 11 of Alexander Technique this morning.

Pushed hands, on and off, for 2 hrs yesterday, and I feel it today.  He kept shaking my arms saying “Relax, relax” until they were looser–as his teacher had done to him.  And we’d go back to pushing and I’d be as tense and hard as ever!

Learned that ward off is a clockwise circling and roll back is counterclockwise.  Only trouble with that piece of information is,  I am dyslexic and have trouble telling my left from my right!  We were practicing roll back.

Good lesson.  Didn’t feel good, but good lesson!  If experience is any predictor I will do better next time.  Which is not next week.  That’s Mardi Gras day, not the time to be heading into New Orleans. Many of the natives  leave town for a few days!

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