Tai chi/Alexander Technique Mobile 3.20.15, “I suggest you do less.”

10 min tai chi, 11 min AT this  morning. I have a student whose knees are shot and has sciatica.  And he has decided after three lessons that he can’t do this.  I suggested that he shouldn’t do it, that … Continue reading

Tai chi, Alexander Technique Mobile/New Orleans 3.10.15

15 min tai chi and 15 min AT this morning.  Lethargic and could not make good use of “I’m not tensing my neck,” my primary negative direction.  Normally works pretty well but this morning I was preoccupied with thoughts of … Continue reading

Alexander Technique Mobile & New Orleans–Attend! 3.8.15

I just passed an elementary school that had displayed “Attend today, Achieve tomorrow.” Education is an investment in tomorrow, in improvement.  Alexander Technique is an education in attending, attending to ourselves, to our surroundings and to what we can “not … Continue reading