Last night was my third class of the Spring quarter University of South Alabama tai chi course.  First class I had 16 of 18 show, after they figured out we were in the quad and not in front of the building.  Second class was 14, last night there were 7.  Hmm, a trend?

Actually I suspect it might have been that severe thunderstorm watch.  I’d told the class we meet under the overhang of Alpha East when it rains, and that turned out to work pretty well. On the other hand, the drive home was quite a challenge!  Those that did not show may have had a point!

In the meantime, I show up 40 min early each class and people are beginning to filter in early for extra help. I am teaching about 3 postures per class, tho this session we just did single whip–I figured that deserved the extra time!

I’ve considered just redoing this class for the missing folks, but it hardly seems fair to those that did brave the weather.  As it is, both Lenzie and Lori say that teaching the first third of the form in 12 classes is do-able but challenging.  Not really time to keep redoing classes.  So those that are interested can come to class,or come early and catch up.

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