Alexander wrote: “My technique is based on inhibition, the inhibition of undesirable, unwanted responses to stimuli…” Universal Constant of Living.

It takes commitment to profit from a course of AT lessons. Practice between lessons involves noticing what I am doing and not doing something to fix it, but just thinking the directions. A 45-minute lesson or two a week and lying down a couple times a day will not change the habits of a lifetime. Practice will.

AT is a lot like penicillin. It can make you feel better in a short time. And when it does, many people stop taking the penicillin, just as they stop coming for lessons. With the same results. The old habits, the problems, come back with a vengeance! With penicillin, there are enough people who know what’s happening to get them back to the doctor for a full course of antibiotics. Typically with AT they say to themselves, “it didn’t work,” and follow the long downward path.  This is the reason I offer courses of training rather than the more conventional individual lessons.

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