Minimum Practice 6.27.15

This morning was the shortest time I have had to get ready in many years.  And I still got minimum practices in, 8 min each tai chi and Alexander.

The tai chi has evolved into 2 min of the CMC form, the first third of it, a couple minutes of wall squat (still very far behind, trying to do it right) and at least three repetitions of a cane form I am learning.

The cane is done with a classical therapy cane, probably cut a little longer than usual, but innocent looking with the usual hook.  Mine is not the usual therapy cane, it is a Ka-Bar fighting cane (they normally make high end knives, having started with supplying the US Marine Corps with their fighting knives) but that is just a little splurge and perhaps a bit of ego.  I’m not really planning on practicing cane fighting.

There are all sorts of serious Asian cane fighting techniques, and this is not one of them!  This is a satire, making fun of people mugging seemingly helpless old people, tai chi of different flavors, such as the Chen style stamping and the wave your arms prettily in the air type.  It also makes fun of Fred Astaire type dancing, ball room dancing and God knows what else.  I think it is very funny, quite precise, and a good way to learn how to handle my stick if I ever need it for self defense.  When I find a good video of it, I will post a link.

The Alexander Technique has changed to my laying down work (constructive rest) being with my legs elevated on a box to make it even more of a rest, not requiring me to keep attention on my knees toward the ceiling.  Then of course, I crawl a little and go about my day.  A big difference tho is I am laying down, usually, 10 times a day for short periods, and sometimes allow myself to fall asleep and take a nap there.

This additional laying down has, I think, made the difference between a gradual slide into pain, and my basically pain free state.  Quite an achievement, since I have no regular lessons! The fact that I am teaching helps me too, because I have to practice it while I am teaching a lesson in order to transmit it.

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