First consultation.

Posture and Movement education program helps you to achieve a permanent change of your entire system.

That’s a big deal.

There is no turning back. By the nature of this work, you won’t have the safety net of your old habits and patterns.

This session should help you to make decision for yourself if you are ready for the Posture and Movement education program. Some people are not and Al does his best to advise them before they start.

Al takes the time to make thorough assessment of each student. He explains the principles of the Alexander Technique and the ways he teaches them. You will learn what it takes to change before you start.

The first lesson is $65 for an hour session.

Individual Lessons-

Posture and Movement education

This program is designed to help students with complete change of their thinking, posture and movement.

You will discover your habitual patterns and how they impact on your health and well-being. Over time, you will learn the tools and skills based on the Alexander Technique principles that will help you to make lasting changes in your entire system.

Decision to make a true change within yourself is not always easy.To change means to get out of your comfort zone. To expose yourself for what you have been hiding from. Changing means to never become your old self again.

So are you ready to correct your posture, relieve pain and lower your stress for good?  Posture and Movement education commitments are your best bet!

For those who have decided they want to explore the Technique further but are not ready for a long term undertaking, individual lessons are available for $65 per 45 minute lesson.

For those interested in a more long term exploration there is a discount of 13 lessons for $750.

Posture and Movement exploration group

Did you have your first lesson and still not sure if you are ready for Posture and Movement education program?

The Posture and Movement exploration group can give you more insight.

It’s an affordable, obligation free way of exploring how your body works in relation to your thinking. You will have the opportunity to explore yourself as well as others. Share your thoughts and get clearer on what the Alexander Technique can offer before you make a major commitment.

Lessons are casual. Cost is $15

Contact me for location and further information.

Tai Chi classes

No regular classes are scheduled at this time.  There are classes at the Regional Senior Center on Hillcrest Road for members of the center who have their doctor’s approval.

Contact me for location and further information.


Alexander wrote: “My technique is based on inhibition, the inhibition of undesirable, unwanted responses to stimuli…” Universal Constant of Living.

It takes commitment to profit from a course of AT lessons. Practice between lessons involves noticing what I am doing and not doing something to fix it, but just thinking the directions. A 45-minute lesson or two a week and lying down a couple times a day will change the habits of a lifetime. Practice will speed the process up considerably!

AT is a lot like penicillin. It can make you feel better in a short time. And when it does, many people stop taking the penicillin, just as they stop coming for lessons. With the same results. The old habits, the problems, come back with a vengeance! With penicillin, there are enough people who know what’s happening to get them back to the doctor for a full course of antibiotics. Typically with AT they say to themselves, “it didn’t work,” and follow the long downward path.  This is the reason I offer courses of training as the preferred program rather than more conventional individual lessons.


I am indebted to  Martin Kostir for his help with setting up this website and my practice. The elegant sparse prose on this website and much of the layout are his. His philosophy of teaching and his commitment to the art have convinced me to follow him the best I can.