End Gaining and the Wall Squat 6.8.15

End gaining is going for a goal at any cost, without regard to how we get there.  It is obviously one of the purposes of the Alexander Technique to improve our means of getting to our goals more efficiently and without hurting ourselves, without end gaining.

I have been progressing in my wall squatting, as measured by marks on the wall, at about 2 inches (5cm) a month, until this month.  And this I have done this is by “trying hard,” twisting and contorting my body.

As I was doing my wall work this morning, which is an important part of my minimum practice, I realized that the contorting had limits to how far it could go.  Aedh had said there was only one way to do this, and that it was opening the hips, which means, I think, letting the knees go out and away from each other, requiring some serious stretching of the ligaments that hold the femur in the hip socket.  Contorting and twisting were not getting this.

So,it looks like going back to where I was some months ago, and doing it right.  Hard on the ego!

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