We can brake, and slow down.  Or, better yet, take a break. Or choose the usual option of “no pain, no gain,” and go till our body breaks down. And it is all a matter of choice.

Becca Ferguson, an Alexander Technique teacher and addiction specialist, suggests AT is a mindfulness based program.  I like the term and am going to try, “The Alexander Technique is a mindfulness based approach to habit change.”

Whether I get an interested nod, or the usual blank stare, I then get to talk about my adventure with back pain and Repetitive Strain Injury.  If they are still listening, but can’t identify with back pain or RSI, there are always the topics of athletes, dancers and musicians looking for better performance, fighting addiction and PTSD.  And if they are still awake and not interested, we can always talk about the weather, or the economy!


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