I am currently back in New Orleans teaching full time every Friday from 11:30 till 8:30. I am also available to teach in Mobile on other days.

Pause, Zoom, Pause. Zoom lessons now available.

I’ve been studying teaching on-line for a number of years, and was sure it was possible and effective. But I like teaching hands on and was reluctant to change my teaching model. I’ve been taking classes and lessons on Zoom from a teacher in London for a while, and when a very insistent student wanted lessons I agreed and found them to be effective, and fun. I can see things I cannot while teaching up close, hands on. So I am now open for business teaching Zoom Alexander Technique lessons. Same rates apply.

Good posture matters

That’s a fact.

People with bad posture suffer back pain, neck pain, headaches or other ailments.

Many people try to correct their poor posture with exercise, core strengthening or stretching. Unfortunately most fail utterly.

What’s It Cost?

All lessons are at a flat rate of $65 for a 45 minute lesson.  There is no extra fee for the first lesson, which usually takes a full hour.  And there are price breaks for multiple lessons in Mobile.

Easy movement matters

Easy movement is natural.

Unnecessary muscle tension limits our flexibility and range of movement.

Over time, we get so used to being tense that we stop realizing it. Until pain or injury emerge.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

It’s not a quick fix, but after 40 lessons, I became pain free.  To learn more read my story.

Is this for me?

  • Do you have a poor posture?
  • Do you suffer pain or discomfort which keeps returning no matter what you do?
  • Looking for ways of increasing performance?

Yes? It’s for me!

Make lasting change

Let’s get honest.

If you’ve had pain or discomfort over period of time, one thing is for sure – whatever you chose to do doesn’t work.

Physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and many other therapies offer only temporary relief. It is merely a pain management.

For lasting change, you will have to change your Self. All of you. The way you move, think and behave.

The Alexander Technique – permanent solution

Alexander Technique is an educational method.

You learn to recognize and change harmful habits of your posture and movement. You learn to make permanent changes.

Once you learn the skill of the Alexander Technique, you get a tool to help yourself for lifetime.